Plenty of televisual excitement was to be had in 2012: 3D settled down and became a standard on any decent TV set; the plasma returned in glorious form and the LED set continued to blind us with its brightness.

There were a few standout moments, however, which is exactly what the Pocket-lint awards are for. Read on to find out our nominations.

Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT50B


November 2012

This was a television set for the viewing aficionado. Panasonic kept up its plasma tradition with a screen that we really enjoyed. The trick here, however, was its brightness and sharpness, which made for a truly exquisite picture.

It might have cost, but this Panasonic was a set that was tough to beat. Forget the smart TV functions and all the other odds and ends and enjoy the Panasonic for what it was made for: watching movies.

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Sony Bravia KDL-46HX853


June 2012

Design was key to the Sony HX series. A big monolithic slab of technology, it was as good looking hardware-wise as the screen was too.

The deep black levels the set pushed out were also particularly impressive, as was the sound quality. Sometimes an afterthought, it was nice to see Sony had our ears covered as well.

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Philips 46PFL9707


August 2012

Philips is all about technology in its TV and the 9000 series is no exception. Packed to the brim with image tech, here is a television that will make your eyes jealous.

Copying the structure of a moth’s eye, was a clever filter system that could reduce reflections on the screen to near zero. Worth taking a look at.

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Samsung ES8000


October 2012

Design again came to the fore with the flagship Samsung LED TV. The screen was a stunner as well, but it was the looks of this thing that really had our heads turning.

Don’t forget, a television is often the centre of a living room and if it looks like a black slab, this isn’t going to do much for your feng shui. Samsung had all the boxes ticked here.

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LG 55LM960V


June 2012

LG’s top-of-the-line LED screen had quite a price tag. For the most part it was justified, earning itself a place in our nominations.

The sound, passive 3D and clever screen-dominant design was what won us over. A great set from LG.

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