Too much information. That’s the trouble these days, isn’t it? We’re expected to absorb and retain more information now than ever before. So it’s not all that surprising that some bits fall by the wayside, no matter how simple they should be to remember, or how useful they are.

These are often bits of information that, once a upon a time, we could all recall without having to rely on technology to help us.

Here are some examples of questions that we should all probably know the answers to, but often don’t:

How much is an NHS prescription?

What’s your parents’ phone number?

What does a Zone 1 single cost on the Tube these days?

Who or what is a Conor Maynard?

See? Not that easy to just roll the answers of the top of your head is it?

Here’s another one: how much is a first class postage stamp?

Ha! Got you again! Best bookmark this then:, because that’s all this site will tell you. And we reckon that, without looking, quite a few people won't know.

Daft, we know, but still pretty useful.

And no, we don’t have a clue about the Conor Maynard one either…

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