As Christmas approaches thoughts turn towards some of those traditional decision we face.

Where will I spend Christmas morning? What shall I buy Aunty Gladys this year? What shall I wear to the office party? Will I snog Brenda in accounts (again)?

There’s a lot to think about, and wrapping whatever it is you might end up buying Aunty Gladys is potentially one of them.

If you’re the average organised lady person, you’ve probably already chosen your designs, matching labels and tapes. If you’re the typical bloke, you’ll leave it to the last minute, buy whatever is left in the reduced bin at WHSmith and hope that it’ll do.

But if you put a bit more thought into it, regardless of which stereotype you’re closer to, you can make the outsides of your Christmas gifts just as special as the insides.

There are many reasons to love, pointed out yesterday by the irrepressible @caitlinmoran.

One is that it's taken traditional Christmas wrapping and done something wonderful by using fabrics instead of paper. Another is that this about as green as wrapping gifts can get, short of not wrapping them at all.

A real bonus for the aforementioned stereotypical bloke is that these fabrics are easier to use than paper too.

The main reason to love them, though, is that if you use these products, people are likely to be talking about your gifts long after Christmas, simply because this is about the most beautiful way we've seen to give somebody something special.

Buy some today, and really make an impression this Yuletide.

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