Did you know that the only two places on Earth where you can’t buy a Coke are North Korea and Cuba?

Just think about that. You can visit practically any country in the world and pick up a bottle or can of ice-cold Coca-Cola.

That’s just about one of the scariest things we can think of.

We’ve heard tales of missionaries visiting far-flung villages in war-torn corners of the globe where the Red Cross can’t even get to, and their finding shiny new Coke machines in the middle of the village square.


So, perhaps it’s not surprising that Coca-Cola feels it has a kind of responsibility to its incalculable number of regular customers.

This site coca-cola.co.uk/health/work-it-out-calculator, first flagged by our intrepid (and thirsty) news desk last week, is at least a sign that Coca-Cola's admitting its bestselling beverage isn’t exactly the healthiest option, even if you can buy it anywhere.

Chug back an ice-cold Coke and you’d better be lacing up those running shoes within a few minutes or you could be saying goodbye to skinny fit jeans in a hurry.

On the plus side of this site is that anything that helps you to keep a check on what you consume has got to be a good thing.

On the minus side, it’s from one of the most pervasive corporations on the planet, peddling sugar-loaded drinks to anybody who will buy them.

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