There are two kinds of typing.

There is the two-finger, head down, shoulders hunched, tongue sticking slightly out in concentration method favoured by most people (especially in journalism).

Then there is that other kind. The kind favoured by people who clearly aren’t actually normal. That “Oh, look at me – I can type 90 words a minute and do my online shopping and talk to you at the same time” method.

Damn them.

Well, if you’re in the first group, here’s something that might help you get a bit closer to your promotion into the second group:

It’s about the most fun you can have while practising your typing, as you try to keep up with the song lyrics playing out on screen.

It’s nicely retro too and, depending on how your boss feels about your personal development plan, we reckon you could class this as work.

It’s a kind of training, right…?

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