Before we start, we’re not obsessed with the London Underground, okay? It just so happens that two sites about it have come up in the same week. But if 150 Great Things was all about the Tube’s history, is more about its geography – namely its stations. 

This is a brilliant and addictive online game from CBSOutdoor, the advertising people, and Virgin Media, in which you have to identify 75 Tube stations from the visual clues on screen.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But some of these are devilishly devious. You’ve really got to be a fan of the tortured pun to get some of them. Just look at the sheep in the bathtub and tell us what that means.

But, with some nice prizes up for grabs, this is one time waster that might not be a total waste of time.

And the whole thing is aimed at commuters on the Tube who can now access free Wi-Fi while they're trying to figure it all out.

We’re up in the mid-fifties out of 75 now and the remaining puzzles are driving us bonkers.

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