MaKey MaKey kit turns everyday objects into actual computer controllers (video)

Fruit, Play-Doh, paper, humans, anything that can conduct the slightest electrical current can now be transformed into fully working gaming controllers with the aid of the MaKey MaKey Everyday Invention Kit. 

Short for "Make anything a Key", the MaKey MaKey kit consists of a circuit board, seven crocodile clips, seven connection cables and a USB lead. By plugging the board into a computer via the USB lead, everyday objects can miraculously be turned into touch-sensitive keys by hooking them up via the crocodile clips.

As the video below demonstrates, MaKey MaKey works with pretty much anything, including bananas, a staircase and even people. The kit is compatible with more than five million software apps, including games, PowerPoint, Garage Band, Photobooth and websites such as YouTube on both Macs and Windows PCs.

MaKey MaKey began life as a Kickstarter project but it has now gone on general sale exclusively in the UK retailing for £39.99 from

Bananas sold separately.