No matter how creative you get with your pumpkin this Halloween, you won’t surpass Nathan Pryor, who has managed to turn his pumpkin into a working, LED-lit version of gaming classic Tetris.

Using a total of 128 LED lights, 256 pieces of tubing, 313 solder joints and more than 12 hours of patience, Pryor’s novelty pumpkin, dubbed "Pumpktris" was ready to play.

The stem of the pumpkin has been transformed into a joystick, enabling players to move blocks, left and right as well as down, as you would with the original version. Pushing the stem away from you will rotate the bricks.

With holes drilled in the front of the pumpkin so that they match the LED lights fitted inside, Pryor’s Pumpktris, which runs on eight AA batteries, keeps score and introduces new levels, speeding up as you advance. Impressive.

Whatever's next? A Pac Man Christmas tree perhaps? 

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