The clocks have gone back (boo!) but that means that Christmas is just around the corner (yay!).

If you’re a parent that might be sending a slight shiver down your spine, as you know that you have to start getting ready.

If you’ve got little ones in the house, the run-up to Christmas can be a harrowing time. The constant barrage of requests for things that your little darlings “need” (they don’t quite grasp the concept of “want”, do they…?) will drive many parents to distraction. And, with most people trying to tighten their belts a little bit at the moment, the sheer cost of everything can leave you feeling a bit bah humbug before you’ve even seen your first baubles.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

At you’ll find countless do-it-yourself projects that you can build either with or without your little ‘uns.

There are some brilliant things to make here and if you follow the instructions carefully, you can be sure of some smiling faces come Christmas morning.

One of them might even be your own.

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