Okay, so admittedly, this one isn't going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But, by the law of averages, a fair number of people reading this will have travelled on the London Underground.

It is the world’s oldest, one of the busiest and definitely the most idiosyncratic underground railway and it commands respect simply due to it’s sheer size, scale and the fact that it will be 150 years old next year.

Regular users hate it, but can’t live without it.

Visitors are charmed and baffled by it in equal measure.

But it is full of architectural, engineering and cultural gems when you start to do a bit of digging, and that's exactly what they’re doing at 150greatthingsabouttheunderground.com.

Here they’re working their way through the system, highlighting some of the weird and wonderful features and foibles of this aging transport system.

It’s a quaint and quirky countdown to the celebrations, and what really shines through is the genuine affection that probably most people, in their heart of hearts, feel for the good old Tube.

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