There’s a phrase that’s been bouncing around in media circles for quite a few years. It gets trotted out every now and again, generally when the newspapers have some something naughty and got caught.

That phrase is “print is dead”.

But it’s not. As good as digital versions of magazines and newspapers are, and in some cases they really are very good now, a lot of people still like the feel of wood pulp on their fingertips and magazines are still selling in their millions every day.

One area that’s seen real growth in recent times is independent magazines. You know: those little enterprises that produce some of the highest quality print design and journalism, but usually only get seen by a small audience. There are loads of them, and anybody wanting to keep up to date is going to struggle in an ever-changing and fast-moving magazine market.

One way to keep your finger on the print pulse is

Here you can sign up for a subscription that will let you see the very best in independent print publishing.

Every edition it sends will be chosen from its stable of cool new titles and you can almost guarantee that you’re going to see something fresh.

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