Blimey, in just the space of one week we've seen the launches of the iPad mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, new superthin iMac, new Mac mini, Windows 8, Windows RT and the Microsoft Surface. Apple also pulled a brand new iPad, effectively the iPad 4, a mere six months after the last was released.

And the team have been at both Apple's and Microsoft's events in San Jose and New York respectively, getting their hands on each and every one of the new products.

Therefore, editor of news and former Gamesmaster telly bloke Rik Henderson and editor of features Dan Sung find out all they can from Stuart Miles, owner of Pocket-lint, who has recently returned from the Apple press conference, and editor of reviews and Gadget Geeks presenter Ian Morris, who reports live from the Microsoft announcement the other side of the pond.

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Pocket-lint Podcast #105 - Launch Special

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UPDATE: If you listened to or downloaded episode 105 of the podcast earlier today (26 October) you may have noticed a rather strange section in the middle. Unfortunately, gremlins do get in the machine from time to time and we reverted to an older version of edit without realising that not everything was, er, edited. The correct version of the podcast has now replaced the last and we urge you to redownload it on iTunes, or listen to it here. Thanks.

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