Say the words “my Adidas” and people of a certain age will immediately start to bob their heads and do a little Run DMC stomp as they recall the heady days of Adidas shell-toes (no laces, obvs) and thumping Eighties hip-hop.

Tweak the spelling slightly and you get, then suddenly everything comes bang up to date.

Back then, customising your trainers usually involved a selection of permanent pens and a steady hand. Although to be fair, Adidas actually invented the concept of doing it yourself, long before even Run DMC were doing their thing with the Adicolour concept.

Today, it’s a bit more sophisticated. Here you can design your own Adidas trainers online to really make a statement with what you put on your feet.

As an added bonus at the moment, they’re running a competition to design Lionel Messi’s boots.

Back when Run DMC were strutting their Adidas, football boots were black with white stripes.

We’re guessing Lionel is expecting something a bit more flamboyant to come out of this enterprise.

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