The television set in 2012 was an interesting thing. It fell into a limbo between all the excitement of 3D and the whispers of 4K. The LED set became a true thing of beauty, as it became slimmer and slimmer and OLED television technology began to become a touch more affordable.

With the 9th Pocket-lint awards almost upon us, it’s time to get voting for your nominations. Below are a few ideas from our favourite TVs of 2012.

The plasma is far from dead, as 2012 proved, with some brilliant televisions from a wide range of manufacturers.

Panasonic’s flagship Viera VT50 series plasma set was a belter, with incredible black levels and industry leading picture quality. Not cheap at around £1,700 for the 50-inch set, but you can expect it to give you your money’s worth.

Plasma TVs don’t have to be massively expensive in order to deliver, as the LG 970T proved. With a clever matte screen and all the smart TV goodies LG has to offer, this was a set that punched above its price weight.

Then comes the gargantuan Samsung E8000 plasma, which was so big, getting it up the stairs and into Pocket-lint towers was a fairly killer task. Once set up though, we were rewarded with a vibrant, balanced and crisp picture with top of the line black levels.

Naturally the LED set offered up the widest choice this year. Sony’s killer app was in the form of the HX850 series, which boasted a unique monolithic style design and an LED-backlit screen to die for. Big, bold and beautiful with top of the line viewing angles and colour rendition, the HX850 series really impressed.

Panasonic also had a great LED-backlit set on offer, in the form of the WT50 series. It boasted deep black levels and had a great, sleek and simple approach to design. It doesn’t come cheap, but the WT50 is up there with the best LED offerings.

Samsung's flagship ES8000 uses edge-dimming LED technology to produce and impressive and vibrant image. Backed up with a solid design and intuitive browsing experience - although the gesture and voice controls are a bit of a flop - this grand telly did an equally grand job overall.

LG’s LED flagship was the 55IM960V. Pricey but nice, it had a different design from most other televisions this year. On top of looking fairly unique, the TV also features LG’s magic remote, which is a sort of Wii-like controller for the TV.

Bang & Olufsen ensured it kept its presence in the TV market with another incredibly expensive set. The BeoVision 7-40 was all about a clean and simple image that wasn’t heavily processed. Thankfully its image was top notch.

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