It’s a phase that most people go through. You get yourself a bit of independence and the first thing you do is go out and buy a big film poster to stick on your wall.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still at home and doing it to annoy your parents or whether you’ve got your own place and are putting your stamp on it. Everybody does it at some stage.

For some, it’s a way of saying, "Look at what I’m into" – arty films with beautiful actors, hidden meanings and unfathomable plot twists.

Or perhaps you’re saying you can relate to the central character in your chosen movie pin-up.

Whatever your motives, movie posters are an art form that most people will experience, and that’s why we love

Here you’ll find reworked, reimagined and reinvented film artworks that will bring some of the most iconic film posters bang up to date.

The artists here have totally transformed their favourite posters and we love the results.

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