Best iPad mini cases

The iPad mini has arrived. You’ve probably already decided on your order, but have you remembered that it’s going to need an iPad mini case to go with it? Naturally Apple has it’s own idea of the best iPad mini case which you can get direct when you order your little tablet.

Pocket-lint, of course, has its own take on how we would like to dress our little big screen. So here are what we consider to be the best iPad mini cases around. Get them while you can.

Leather Case

Proporta Swivel 360 - £24.95
It's actually faux leather but that's better, right? You don't need to walk around with that added animal slaughter on your conscience as well as the guilt from your shoes.

There are a lot of leather iPad mini cases, or leather-like, out there but what's interesting about the Swivel 360 from Proporta is that it not only doubles as a stand but also as a stand on which you can spin the iPad mini into either orientation as easily as, well, as swivelling. Buy it here

Colour case

Cygnett Purple Armour - £29.95
It's probably the colour but there's something a bit rude sounding about purple armour; we're not quite sure what but it definitely seems like it should be naughty. In reality this iPad mini case from Cygnett looks good, protects and doubles as a stand, which we like very much.

It's microfibre-lined and closes neatly while not in use, courtesy of a magnetic flap. It also comes in black if you're going to be a bit dull about it. Buy it here

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Proporta iPad mini shell - £14.95
Keep it simple and just grab yourself an iPad mini shell. Protectors, like this one from Proporta, are much of a muchness and bring such a low profile to your tablet that you rather forget it's wearing one at all.

Available in black and white, they're not that cheap but they do bring some piece of mind that you're not going to scratch up your gadget or destroy the thing the first time you drop it. Buy it here

Waterproof case

Overboard iPad mini case - £27.95
One of the real worries of taking any of these tablets or smartphones on holiday is that the sand and surf will do for them. Not so, says Overboard with its waterproof iPad mini case. The Overboard cases are actually more like plastic bags than anything else but they certainly do the trick.

The Slide Seal system means your iPad mini can handle getting dragged down to 6m underwater and just about anything else you care to do with it. Buy it here

Geeky one

Felt iPad case - £31.50
It might not be the most premium of materials but the felt makers on Etsy are a stalwart of the handmade case and cover world of gadgets. This one gives you a cutsie version of the iPad mini and the iOS homescreen itself.

As it goes, the crafter behind this one will make it in pretty much any Apple gadget size you’d care to think of. So, whether that’s iPad, iPad mini or iPhone, you can get it here. Presumably they’ll even make one for your Android tablet if you wish. Buy it here

Utility case

iPad mini sleeve case/organiser- £20.57
Another from the handicraft of the Etsy community, this iPad mini sleeve is made from a double layer of wool felt with a rather appealing two-tone finish of green and grey. It also comes in red and grey if you prefer.

Your iPad mini is nicely protected inside the fold but there’s also space for your headphones, accessory cables and whatever else you’d like to stick in there and keep with you. The whole thing is sealed off with a Velcro patch. Buy it here

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Sci-Fi case

T.A.R.D.I.S. iPad mini case - £12.86
Whovians rejoice. There is an iPad mini case especially for you, and it’s not very expensive either. Subtle, it may be but then do you really want the Doctor all over your iPad just to find that a new actor has lined up to play the role the following week?

Of course not. Instead, go with a T.A.R.D.I.S. pattern sleeve that can be made to measure whatever size of eReader or tablet you happen to own. Buy it here

Cute case

Owl iPad mini case - £10.93
Everyone loves owls, right? All different colours? Flying in from funny angles? Yeah, you do. You know. Owls! Well, we thought it was rather appealing perhaps in a slightly more feminine way than some of the other drab leather and black bits and pieces out there.

The Owl iPad mini case is a zip-close affair and can be made in pretty much any size you’d care to name. What’s more, it’s rather reasonable at £10.93, if not that technical. Buy it here

Case in disguise

Striiiipes iPad mini Envelope - €33
Striiiipes might be one of the more ridiculous company names we've seen for quite a while but the envelope style iPad sleeve is a firm favourite. People started knocking things like this out when the Mac Air first turned up just to prove how thin it was, but Striiiipes has taken on the style some.

There's a choice of three very fetching colours in the suedette finish and they're just as good a size for housing the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Tabs. Buy it here