From yesterday’s American ingenuity and making the best of things on a budget, we come to cutting-edge design and decadence from one of the more beautiful corners of Britain.

But thankfully, the decadence isn’t reflected in the prices at, where you’ll find some of the best contemporary stationery, jewellery and homewares around, courtesy of this one-woman creative whirlwind based in the beautiful village of Cellardyke in Scotland.

This stuff is simply gorgeous and bridges a gap between classic and contemporary styling quite brilliantly. It’s vintage-inspired chic with a thoroughly modern twist and we think it’s worth bookmarking for a spot of Christmas shopping – this stuff will look good in anybody’s home.

This is the kind of enterprise we love to support: unique products, great prices and that nice feeling you get when you know you’re not dealing with a faceless corporation funnelling it’s profits to an offshore tax haven.

We like.

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