The all-in-one is like a PC equivalent of a toasted cheese sandwich: get the filling right and the whole package will taste good.

Windows 8 goes one further, like adding a slice of ham just before you slam it in the sandwich toaster. So what are the best Windows 8 all-in-ones? 

We have a lot of love for the looks of the Vizio all-in-one. It takes the MacBook Pro’s styling and turns it into a desktop PC. You also get a lot of kit included with the PC, such as a trackpad and 2.1 speaker set, making it good value.

You can also go touch screen with the Vizio, should you want to use fingers to control that new Windows 8 modern UI. Finally comes the choice of 24 and 27-inch offerings, both with Full HD resolution screens.

Irritatingly it looks like Vizio is US only for the time being. There is the option to pick up the company's laptop on Amazon, for which shipping costs around £87, so who knows what it would cost for the all-in-one. You can grab a Vizio all-in-one for $899 for the base model, which is listed as coming soon on the Vizio website.

Again, drawing on Apple’s design ethos, HP’s Spectre One looks fantastic. The trackpad and keyboard look extremely similar to that on an iMac, which is no bad thing, as they are lovely designed pieces of kit.

Then comes the all-in-one itself, which forgoes the inclusion of an optical drive and TV tuner to get down to just 11.5 mm thick. Fashion or functionality? You decide.

A large 23.6-inch 1080p display wrapped in aluminium completes the set-up, making the Spectre One a persuasive piece of Windows 8 kit indeed. Shame you will have to wait until 14 November to get it. The Spectre One sells for $1299, with UK pricing yet to be announced.

The XPS One draws on Dell’s carbon and metal design ethos as seen in the likes of the XPS 13, one of our favourite Ultrabooks this year. Having had a good play with the all-in-one, we have to say, it feels just as good.

The screen can be tilted down to such an angle that it is almost flat, making it an ideal touch screen for artists and design types who want to use it for drawing. Then there is the screen, which goes up to 2,560 X 1,440 resolution, making that Modern UI look the best we have ever seen it.

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In fact, the XPS One 27 looks like it might be the most premium Windows 8 experience around right now. We particularly like that it doesn’t pull any punches in the specs department, with the full gamut of Intel processors and a powerful Nvidia GT 640M. The Dell is listed as no longer available for purchase in the UK, but this might just be to do with availability. In the US it is up for pre-order, with prices starting at $1,399.

Not a name you typically associate with the world of the PC, LG actually has quite a history of making the machines in Korea. Its Windows 8 PC does something different in the looks department, which you will either love or hate.

Combining white plastic with a black-rimmed 23-inch display, the LG also ships with a white keyboard and mouse. Inside you get a Nvidia GT640M, an i5 processor and a TV tuner. No pricing or release date for this machine yet.

Another all-in-one designed especially for Windows 8, the new 21-inch Asus falls slightly more on the budget side.

It features a carrying handle so you can move the PC about easily, although we expect it won’t be lightweight. You also get a top-quality backlit FHD LED display and an i5 processor inside.

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Looks-wise, it breaks from the normal Asus design aesthetic slightly, so no concentric circles on the back. This time it is simple and clean lines from Asus, with a silver stand. No trackpad included, but the screen is touch capable. Pricing and release date still to be announced.

A bit of a wild card and something we definitely like the reasoning behind - although it might not perform so well when actually used - is Sony’s Tap 20.

Basically an all-in-one that can be transformed into a huge tablet, the Tap 20 is not exactly crammed full of class-leading kit, but its size and portability make it a PC you can easily move about the house.

As all-in-ones go, it ticks most of the boxes and is fairly affordable at around £1000 it will be in shops from 26 October. Those in the market for a 20-inch tablet should look no further.

Which Windows 8 edition is for me?