This apparently long-standing, perennial favourite of live music fans was sent to me by a member of the team who was lamenting the fact that tickets to see Gary Barlow in concert had sold out in minutes. To save his blushes, I’ll not reveal his name (just in case he wasn’t joking), but the site itself was news to me.

Buying and selling concert tickets online is hardly new. But buying and selling them and not getting ripped off is quite rare, so stands out in the crowd.

Here you’ve got real fans (even Gary Barlow’s) selling on unwanted tickets without adding anything to the face value. No booking fees or admin charges, and definitely no premiums just because the gig is a sell-out.

You pay what the original purchaser paid.

This is a fan-to-fan site, so remember that you’re basing all your transactions on trust, and take sensible precautions. But if you’ve missed out on getting what you want from the box office, this is a great place to pick up tickets to your favourite shows.

Even Gary Barlow, if you must.

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