Duracell has constructed a 6ft 3in illuminating model of its Duracell Bunny, using discarded devices and presumed to be dead batteries.

The project is designed to highlight how many batteries are thrown away before they run out of juice.

The bumper bunny is powered by 192 discarded AA batteries and East London designer Dave Cranmer used 45 reclaimed battery powered devices - including clocks, toys and TV remotes - 147 metres of steel rod, 458 metres of wire and 700 LED lights.

The result is truly terrifying, with the giant, 56kg Duracell Bunny being lit up in the finale of the video seen below.

According to Duracell, a third of all batteries thrown away may still have up to 67 per cent usable power available in them. This was based on data taken from a sample of 3,149 AA, AAA, C and D batteries in November 2011.

Fair enough Duracell, you make your point. Just keep that rabbit away from us.

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