Photos believed to be the display of the yet to be announced iPad mini have been published on the internet, along with an image purporting to be the device’s battery.

Despite being only days away from the expected unveil of the iPad mini, ETrade Supply has posted the images of the display on its website, giving an indication of the size and aspect ratio we can expect.

According to the parts firm, the display features a 4:3 aspect ratio – bad news for anyone hoping for a 16:9 aspect ratio, a la the iPhone 5 – while it measures 162mm x 124 mm.

Sadly there’s no image of the display switched on so it’s difficult to fathom what kind of resolution it's likely to have.

A photo of what is purportedly the iPad mini’s battery has also been posted. 

This image clearly shows a 4,490mAh capacity battery. To give this some comparison, the iPhone 5 sports a 1440 mAh battery, while the iPad 3 uses a 11,560 mAh.

So many ifs and maybes, but thankfully all should be revealed on 23 October at Apple’s San Jose event.

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