Picture the scene:

You’ve spent two years and more than a million quid of taxpayers’ money on developing a new website. It’s been an epic, emotional undertaking and you’re quite rightly proud of what you’ve done. Then you come to show it off to your client.

You do your presentation. You explain your methods and motives, and then finally, you come to the big reveal.

There’s silence. Until one voice from the back of the room (always the back of the room) says:

“Is that it…?”

We thought the same on first seeing gov.uk as it came out of public beta.

But when you take a closer look and actually think about what it set out to do, you soon realise that they’ve done a pretty good job of delivering on their brief.

The idea was to take several clunky, complicated government online resources and make one, seamless, simple place for the people of the UK to find the information they need.

If you’re looking for a triumph of function over form, this is it.

And we think that’s quite an achievement.

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