Oh, how we love this site.

At snapfashion.co.uk you’re seeing the next generation of online shopping as two of the staples of the search engine phenomenon come crashing together in a riot of colour, usability and style.

We’re talking about a brilliant hybrid of image searching and price comparison as you drop a picture of a particular item of clothing into the search box and then the clever algorithms find similar pieces at a range of online stores and prices.

It’s really very clever, and when you throw in the free iPhone app, you can do it on the move too.

It’s the brainchild of a recent graduate from Bristol University and is a fabulous melding of the fashion and online worlds.

It’s aimed at women only at the moment but we reckon that will be changing very soon. And the results will just get better and better the more people use it.

This one could be huge and you saw it here first.

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