We held off on posting the podcast this week so that we could include our trip to Fox Studios in Los Angeles and some chitter chatter on I, Robot 3D, the conversion that's coming to Blu-ray 3D.

In addition, the team decides whether the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is a good idea or not, and looks at the astonishing freefall record attempt by Felix Baumgartner.

And Dishonored is reviewed on Xbox 360 and PC.

Editor of news and former Gamesmaster telly bloke Rik Henderson is joined by owner of Pocket-lint Stuart Miles and contributing editor Hunter Skipworth.

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Pocket-lint Podcast #103

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Thanks to those who pointed out that there was an issue with downloading episodes 101 and 102 through iTunes. It seems a bug got into the system that we have now corrected. Subscribers can now download episodes as normal, including the previously missing editions.