There are a few things that we aim to do within this daily column:

We aim to highlight the latest, greatest web innovations. We aim to educate and inform. We sometimes aim to amuse.

But, most importantly, we aim to arm you, dear reader, with the kind of knowledge that you need for those times when you enter the most crucial of social encounters. Those times when it’s dog eat dog, mano-a-mano.

We are talking, of course, about the pub quiz.

We want you to walk tall as you enter the bar and take your seat with a swagger. We want you fill in your pithy pun-laden team name with an extravagant flourish of the pen.

Basically, we want you to win.

And so today we point you towards the online home of any true pub quiz fanatic’s favourite TV show.

Stephen Fry has been overseeing this weekly trawl through the furthest reaches of general knowledge for nearly a decade and, in that time, he and the QI elves have amassed quite a stash of weird and wonderful stuff to learn.

Wallow in here for a few hours and you’ll absorb all kinds of titbits that can be banked for that day when, huddled round a table with three of your mates, that impossible-to-answer tie-breaker comes up and you can look them all in the eye giving that look that says ”I know this”.

Go get ’em.

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