When we first saw iruler.net, we all laughed. We laughed quite a lot.

But then somebody pointed out something that turned a laughing stock into a functional site that’s well worth a bit of space on anybody’s bookmarks bar or favourites list.

All somebody said was: ”I need to measure things all the time, and I can never fund a ruler." It stopped us laughing because we realised he was right.

So what better than an on-screen ruler for you to hold whatever you need up to for a quick and dirty measurement?

It doesn’t do anything else, it just measures things and for that simple elegance and usefulness we reckon this is worthy of Website of the Day status.

The screen size is detected automatically, so you don’t have to worry about scaling. Our only gripe is that it doesn’t work on mobiles – it thought an iPhone had a 6-inch screen. But there are free apps that will give you a ruler in your pocket, if that’s your thing.

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