We're not sure that you'd actually need much more evidence to prove that men and women are very different, but this site probably goes some way to underline the fact.

Here, you’ll see women posting message exchanges they’re having with boyfriends and would-be suitors.

The users of hetexted.com are having trouble understanding some of these text messages and, rather than talk to their friends about it, or perhaps a close family member, they think it’s better to post it here to see what perfect strangers might make of their predicaments.

In some cases, it’s the bloke being, well, a bloke (ie, a bit of a bonehead). But in others, it’s a fundamental failure to take a hint or even an unfathomable case of reading between the lines.

Many people might see these messages and have some sympathy. Some might not get what all the fuss is about. Most, we reckon, might have a bit of a giggle at the whole thing. 

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