With all the current kerfuffle about the 50th anniversary of The Beatles, we reckon this one is now well worth a visit.

At abbeyroad.com/crossing you can watch the HD stream of the zebra crossing in North London made famous by the Fab Four on the album cover of their 11th studio album, Abbey Road.

You can watch this stream live to see how long it is before some group of wags decides to re-enact the iconic image. As a general rule, it’s not very long (in our picture you can even see somebody kissing the tarmac. In the rain…).

So much so that they offer an archive service, so if you know what time you crossed the road, you can pop back here and grab a still of your antics, then post it straight on to Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a bit of harmless fun that shows just how strong the allure of the Beatles and their music still is today, some 50 years after they hit the big time.

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