If you’re a fan of the functional website name (and we are, for sure) this one will appeal.

At findanyfilm.com you can, um, find any film (see what they did there…?)

If you’re a movie buff looking for something to watch this weekend, you won’t find many better places to figure out what’s worth seeing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the latest cinema blockbusters or an art-house classic that’s long disappeared from your local Blockbuster, by searching for a film by title, you’ll find the places where you can still catch it, buy it or download it.

Cinema listings are done by postcode or cinema name and we’ve not seen anywhere that’s as simple to get to the film information you want.

Movie trailers and coming soon sections keep you up to date and they also do a handy link to catch-up telly, so this really is a feast for the square-eyed.

A firm favourite with film fans around these parts already.

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