Trust us on this – there’s nothing scarier than pouring out your heart and soul and creating what you think is the most glorious prose, only to have it torn to shreds by your audience.

As a writer, actually surrendering your work to the scrutiny of others is a big step, so places like are an absolute godsend for budding scribes.

Here, you can submit your writing to a friendly, engaged and receptive audience who will read it, digest it, and hopefully vote for it.

As a platform for unpublished authors, this is a brilliant place to start.

It takes any kind of writing – even children’s stuff – and it’ll certainly get your words noticed if you fancy trying your hand at writing for a living.

It's tagline is “Take your writing to the next level – an audience” and that’s exactly what it’ll do.

Good luck if you’re having a go too.

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