Something happened the other day that hasn't happened in ages. And it's something that's happened to me on only a very few occasions.

It's something that, secretly, I really, really love. Even as a happily married man.

Somebody bought me some flowers.

It was so unexpected and thoughtful that it really made my week, and so I think it's well worth remembering that a simple gesture can really make a difference.

My friend had used and they'd done it because they'd thought I might like the website for use in this slot. 

And I do.

It's well designed, easy on the eye and a brilliant source of information about all things floral. But that's not surprising when you find out it's from the Flower Council of Holland. The Dutch know a thing or two about growing exotic plants and they seem to know their stuff when it comes to marketing them too.

This is a great place to find out about your favourite blooms, and find your local online retailer too, and they're running a fun competition to win a bouquet of free flowers at the moment.

So, go on. Make somebody's week. And it's only Tuesday.  

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