There’s a moment in Top Boy (if you haven’t seen it, we recommend that you catch in on 4OD at the earliest opportunity) when one of the central characters is told to “write a letter – that way the words are kept”.

It’s a lovely sentiment, isn’t it? And it got us thinking about the countless words that we all churn out but exist in a much more ethereal way.

There’s still something nice about the printed word, particularly if you’re on the receiving end of something personal and thoughtful.

And this brought us to

Here you log in, download the app and you're up and running. Then you can choose a picture from your iPhone, compose your prose and then it gets printed on to a postcard to be sent to whomever you choose.

It’s a great idea and makes those occasional thoughtful messages that you might usually send by text or emails a lot more permanent for the recipient.

And at just 99p to anywhere on the planet, that’s quite a bit of thoughtfulness you’re sending for not much cash.

It is iPhone only at the moment, but expect that to change if it keeps climbing the download charts the way it has been.

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