It's Friday and that means perhaps it's time to down tools, kick back and take a wander through the more creative quarters of the internet.

If the traditional Friday grind in the office is what you’re facing, then might be a good distraction to help get you to the weekend.

It’s a collection of weird and wonderful bits and pieces gathered together from all over the web. Funky design, creative photography, you name it - this is the stuff that will just make you stop for a moment and enjoy something a little different. It’s all pulled together by people who like the funkier, finer things in life and like to share them.

There are a few sites like this to choose from but we like this one in particular for it’s classy interface and eclectic selection of subject matter.

We also love the "giveaway" section where there's a chance to get your mitts on some of the cool stuff found online.

We like.

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