A new case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S comes with a mini tripod and an LED light to turn your, let’s face it, amateur camera phone snaps into photos you can be proud of. 

The Klyp accessory comes with two detachable adapter clips that secure the tripod and flash. They can be attached in a portrait or landscape position, with the flexibility to move the flash in particular helping achieve better quality shots.

With so many photos taken and uploaded to Facebook from the iPhone, Manfrotto, the people behind Klyp, hopes the proof will be in the pudding with an array of improved photographs appearing on the social networking site. 

The Klyp case is available in five different packages, starting with just the case, through to just the LED light or tripod or as complete offering with all the main accessories.

Prices start from £24.95 with the Klyp case available from 1 October from John Lewis, Selfridges, Calumet, Dixons Travel, Warehouse Express and Amazon.

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