It's not often that we revisit a website but we reckon that is well worth the trip down memory lane as it's been completely redesigned and its new beta version is really something a bit special. (And it was six years ago when we first noticed it...)

What you see in the new version is something that’s becoming quite common with lots of sites now: features and functionality from smartphone and tablet apps making their way back to the online version.

The changes here are designed to make sharing much easier, particularly the things your friends are doing through Facebook and Twitter.

The basic premise is still to take you on a tour of web content which you might otherwise not see but now, with the addition of trending sections and lists, this means you can organise the things you like and want to share into a meaningful order, not just a random jumble of things you stumbled across.

The other big carryover from the mobile apps is StumbleUpon DNA. Basically this takes what you view and starts to build a picture of who you are and what you’re into online.

We've  always liked this site and now we like it that little bit more.

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