A camera app that lets you take only one photo before becoming defunct, might not sound appealing, but should you choose to download One Memento for the iPhone or iPad your one image will be stored in an exclusive online gallery.

It’s all part of a digital experiment that aims to make participants think more about what they’re photographing, how they’re going about it and how they might improve it, rather than blindly posting any old snap to Facebook and the like.

The One Memento app provides only one chance, so requires a degree of thought and preparation. 

The app takes the form of a one-shot digital camera and users can alter the settings pre-shot as well as edit the snap after. However, once shared on the One Memento gallery, the photo can not be altered or deleted.

The gallery will feature only the first 250,000 images shared, with each snap receiving a unique number so they can be tracked.

Once the app is downloaded – free from the Apple App Store now – users must log in through Facebook or Twitter before uploading their snap.

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