Today’s recommendation is definitely a contender for website of the year, let alone the day, and it comes courtesy of the good people @TheWriter.

At you’ll find inspirational quotes from some of the greatest minds in history.

So far, so humdrum, right?

Wrong.  What happens here is different, as the owner of the site takes the quotes and illustrates them.

Some become posters while others turn into full-on comic-strip storyboards. It all depends on the quote and the whim of the artist.

However, each and every one of them becomes an artwork regardless.

The site is updated twice a week, depending on the artist’s workload, and you can even suggest a quote for him to illustrate.

We love this site and, thankfully, there’s an online shop where we can all buy prints of his best work.

From Einstein to Sagan to Ali, some of history's greatest minds get a fresh new artistic interpretation and we reckon it’s a winner.

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