In the last special podcast before it returns to its regular Friday morning slot, the Linters celebrate a bumper 100th edition with the inaugural Pocket-lint tech quiz.

Four team members battle it out to become the grand-poobah on all things gadget, by answering a host of technology related questions, including specialist subject rounds that have to be heard to be believed.

Also, star of Harry Potter, Return of the Jedi, Willow and Life's Too Short, Warwick Davis sits in the interview chair and reveals all about his forthcoming iOS and Android game, Pocket Warwick. He also discusses 3D, HD and forthcoming TV and movie tech.

Editor of news and former Gamesmaster telly bloke Rik Henderson is joined by contestants founder and CEO Stuart Miles, editor of features Dan Sung, editor of reviews and Gadget Geeks presenter Ian Morris and contributing editor Hunter Skipworth.

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Pocket-lint Podcast #100 - Special Edition

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