It’s good to want things. Let’s face it: wanting things is practically the basis of our society these days, isn’t it? We all want more things.

But that doesn’t mean we all want to pay through the nose for these things, and that’s why has grabbed our attention.

This goes way beyond the simple comparison sites, which are, ironically, now ten a penny. (Only a matter of time before we have comparison sites for the comparison sites...)

No, Flubit, takes the fight to the retailers head on and says, ”Here’s a punter, now give him a good deal”.

We love this idea, as it puts the power back with the consumer.

Tell it what you want, post the link to the best price you‘ve found online and it will go off to see if it can find a better deal.

Flubit looks at all the money-saving options out there then comes back with a better offer.

It doesn't guarantee results every time (and we’ve set it some tough deals to beat) but it's got a pretty good track record. So if you’re making a significant purchase any time soon, this might be worth checking first.

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