Samsung’s latest commercial for its flagship Samsung Galaxy S III phone has been released, taking a scything swipe at potential iPhone 5 customers by claiming many have moved on to the Korean manufacturer’s Android powered smartphone. 

“The next big thing is already here,” says Samsung, as the advert shows die-hard iPhone fans queuing outside Apple stores in anticipation of the iPhone 5, arriving on 21 September.

With soundbites such as, “The headset jack is going to be on the bottom” and “This year we’re finally getting what we didn’t get last year, a big screen”, Samsung’s less than subtle message is clear – too little, too late.

A group of former Apple fanboys then walks past the crowds sporting their Samsung Galaxy S IIIs, as the watching crowds look on curiously at the Android smartphone’s features, such as ShareShot and the bigger screen.

Whether you’re a Samsung Galaxy S III convert or are itching to get your hands on the new iPhone 5, it’s an amusing take on the rivalry between the two companies that has had a more sour taste in recent months after a prolonged court battle between the two.

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