From yesterday’s sophisticated and technical solution to a slightly more elegant, flow-based answer to your organisational needs in the shape of

For some people, all they need to do is write a list to keep on top of things.

But there are lists and then there are proper lists, aren’t there?

This is definitely for the latter, as you’re able to divide and sub-divide your lists into categories, projects and task to an almost infinite degree.

If that sounds as if it might get a bit unwieldy, that’s where the tagging comes in. Stick a tag on it and your search results will be spot on every time.

This is simple, elegant and very easy on the eye – you even start with a totally blank page – so this will appeal to people who don’t want to be dazzled by functionality, but still want the flexibility of smart online tool.

The video tutorials will have you getting the most out of this one in no time.

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