Continuing our trawl of organisational tools, here’s one for people who’ve perhaps moved beyond stickies, task managers and to-do lists into the realms of project management proper. That means people who are looking for some slightly more sophisticated tools.

But, luckily, sophisticated doesn’t have to mean complicated, as shows quite nicely.

Here you can keep an eye on any project you’re involved in by recording the various stages, plans, tasks, deadlines and deliverables as cards within an easily navigated on-screen filing system.

Think of it as a big whiteboard and a set of very clever sticky notes – everything you need to keep a record of can be added to your board and then organised and shared instantly. 

With a full suite of mobile apps and online tools available, this is a great solution for teams, but just as useful for individuals looking to get a handle on a busy working life.

We like this one a lot. Especially as it’s free.

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