From the all-singing, all-dancing, all-syncing powerhouse of Evernote yesterday, let’s move on to something a little simpler.

Because simple works, right?

In the case of it definitely does.

It’s the easiest way we’ve found to make a note of something and stick it somewhere to pick up later. It’s a virtual corkboard that’s perfect for your quick and dirty memory dumps, and the interface is fast, uncluttered and single-mindedly easy to use.

Sharing your “canvas”, as they call it, could come in handy in shared households, so this is likely to appeal to students moving out into the big wild world of communal living for the first time, or anybody who needs to keep a group of people updated.

You can access your boards from any connected device and although there’s no app, the mobile experience is pretty solid, thanks mainly to the overall simplicity.

If you’re looking for a way to take the humble Post-it note into the 21st century, this is as good a way to do it as we’ve seen.

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