There’s a bit of a theme to this week’s selection of website recommendations: it’s all about getting organised.

It’s back to school time for millions of students and for many that’s quite a daunting time. The one thing that will always help settle the nerves is getting organised, so we’re going to take a look at some of the best online tools to help keep even the most chaotic of student lives in order.

We start with the daddy. The one to beat. The benchmark.

We’re talking about, most famous as an app, but with frugal students wary of getting clobbered by big data bills, it’s worth noting that the online version is just as useful.

There’s something very clean and business-like about this interface – it’s reminiscent of Mail or Outlook in some ways, so getting used to it won’t take long for newbies.

From here you can access all your to-do lists, notes, clips, pictures and random thoughts, and they're all easily synced up and accessible from practically any mobile device known to man. But when you’re making the most of the free Wi-Fi in your local Starbucks, it’s the online version we reckon you’ll be wanting to use.

Evernote is a good starting point and a good all-rounder, but this week we’ll take a look at some alternatives and some more specific tools too.

Watch this space.

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