Blimey. What a week…

It's been an absolute roller-coaster this week, with epic launches, surprise announcements, cool new gadgets and a fair dose of speculation too.

We got some of it wrong, but we got most of it right and we reckon we've earned a bit of a breather.

So, for today's sojourn into cyberspace, we're giving you

A completely, totally, utterly pointless, um, thing, that nevertheless will keep you entertained for a while as Friday grinds interminably towards the weekend.

It’s a sort of snake thing that you sort of wiggle about a bit with your mouse and then it sort of does a load of wriggling jazzy, flashy, lighty things.

Like we said: totally pointless.

But after the week we've had, we're going to stare at it a bit more.

It’s strangely soothing.

We're duty bound to issue a warning to any readers with epilepsy too. When we say jazzy, flashy, lighty we mean really jazzy, flashy, lighty.

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