iPhone 5 cases: Our pick of the best

What? Already? Yup its only been a short while since our eyes gazed upon the beauty of the iPhone 5 and even now the Pocket-lint inbox is full to burst with new iPhone 5 cases.

Naturally there is a lot of rubbish, as is the case (heh) with every iPhone. There is however plenty of good stuff out there. Take a peek at the sort of delights you could be wrapping your shiny brand new iPhone 5 in.

Cygnett Carbon Urban shield

Not cool? Or simply don’t like the idea of even remotely risking smashing your iPhone 5? This is the case for you. Cygnett’s Carbon Urban shield is put together from carbon fibre and has a strong plastic wraparound. Should keep your phone pretty safe from drops and the like. Looks good too.

Price: £24.95

Belkin Shield Matte

Keen not to do away with the matte effect on the back of the iPhone 5? Belkin has the answer with its Shield range of cases. Simple and strong, these soft-touch cases keep it simple in design so you can appreciate the looks of your iPhone, while protecting it properly.

Price: £17.99

Proporta Leather Pouch

Using high-quality leather rather than the fake stuff you find on some of the more budget cases, Proporta’s leather pouch keeps the phone safe in your pocket, but lets you use it without case when needed. There is also a tough aluminium interior shell that will keep the phone safe should it drop from your pocket while in its case.

Price: £24.95


If you are a fan of GoPro or action cams, then this is the one for you. The Hitcase wraps your phone in a tough shell and adds a mount to it, so you can put your iPhone on your bike helmet, handlebars or seatpost.

Price: TBC

Griffin Reveal

Designed to keep the majority of your iPhone on show, while still protecting it as best as possible, the Griffin Reveal is basically the old iPhone’s Bumper case, just with an extra plastic back.

Price: £14.99

Gresso Revolution

If you have a fair amount of money to spend - and by fair we mean unlimited - then this could be the case for you. Priced in at $3000, the Gresso case is made entirely out of solid titanium, which makes it scratch proof and incredibly strong. The case also looks great and should do a brilliant job of keeping your iPhone untouched.

Price: $3000

Cygnett Haven

Add a bit of colour and style to your iPhone with the Cygnett Haven. Designed as part of its icon range, this should keep your phone safe from the odd drop or scratch, while making sure it looks damn good at the same time. While the style might be a bit too hipster for some, we think it's nice to see some colour on an iPhone case. 

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