Apple has reinvented its iPod nano for the seventh generation of the minute media player. Gone is the square form factor, and in its place is the first widescreen multi-touch display in the gadget's history.

When picked up, while not fragile, the new iPod nano does feel tiny and very light. There's plenty of technology crammed into its teeny body, but not at the sacrifice of style.

New for this year, the nano now sports Bluetooth, which allows it to connect to speaker docks and wireless headphones. There's also the new "Lightning" dock connector as found on the also announced iPhone 5.

Video playback has returned to the nano range, with the 2.5-inch display capable of showing footage in its native aspect ratio. And Apple has included a FM radio tuner, with radio shows able to be paused in mid-stream.

Perhaps the best inclusion, however, is a built-in pedometer, for apps like Nike+ to use. As with earlier nanos, the fitness market will be one of the major fields for the 7th-gen model. And it's certainly light enough and thin enough (just 5.4mm thick) to be secreted easily about the body when working out. Not like the last version, which fitted on to a watch strap, but close.

The iPod nano will be available from October in seven different colours. It'll cost £129 with 16GB of internal storage.