Apple has updated the iPod touch, bringing with it a larger, more impressive Retina display. Now measuring 4-inches, the 1136 x 640 display is sharp and vibrant and with a new wider aspect, better suited to movies on the move. 

The iPod touch (5th generation) has grown in length to accommodate the new display, but not width, with Apple saying (of the iPhone 5) that the aim was to create a device that could be navigated with the thumb.

In practice this is true and holding the new iPod touch in the hand, it feels more impressive than the last. The additional screen space is welcomed and that navigation aim rings true, but hasn’t that always been the case?

Talking of cases, the new iPod touch feels light in the hand. At only 88g, it is exceptionally light, but it still has that cool-to-the touch feel of anodised aluminium. At only 6.1mm thick, it's a pleasure to hold, and enticingly strokable.

new iPod touch

We half wonder if the new strap has been included because it’s light enough to fling off into the distance with a flick of the wrist. Whatever the reason, if you want to strap your gadgets on, this might just do the trick.

The new iPod touch is slick and fast in operation and from our quick play at the London launch event, it seemed a very capable performer. 

One of the big upgrades to the iPod touch is the inclusion of a 5-megapixel camera on the rear, bringing this portable music and gaming machine up to par with many smartphones.

With an array of bright colours on offer, the new iPod touch looks every bit as enticing as the last. Of course, we can't make any definitive assessment from the limited time we've spent with the device so far, so check back for our full iPod touch review closer to launch.

The iPod touch will be available from October, at £249 (16GB) or £329 (32GB). The new iPod touch will run iOS 6, why not read all about iOS 6 here?