You’ll have to excuse us Brits if we’re looking a bit pleased with ourselves at the moment. We reckon we’ve put on a pretty good show over the past few weeks. It’s nice to have been the focus of some really positive goings on.

But now, as we move into the post-Games era, we have to start thinking about the “L word”.

Legacy. It’s been rendered almost comical thanks to the BBC’s Twenty Twelve, but the Olympic and Paralympic legacy is now the talk of the town.

It’s hoped that the Paralympics in particular have changed British society forever – they way we now see disabled people is unrecognisable from how it was before the Games.

And London itself will never be the same again either.

If you take a look at, a new site from the Mayor’s office, you’ll see some of the things that the Games will leave behind.

It’s inspiring for those of us familiar with our capital city and reassuring that the Olympic and Paralympic spirit will live on for years to come.

We’ll stop gloating now.

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