You’d be forgiven for thinking that Twitter is taking over in this information age. Every TV show has a hashtag. Every news item has one too. Every actor, columnist, sports star, musician and celebrity freely offers up their Twitter handle and invites you to follow them.

It’s the medium that practically invented the condition of FOMO – fear of missing out.

But if you’re not careful, Twitter can be all-consuming. Follow too many people and you’ll never get anything else done as you sift through the quips, quizzes and calls for charity support.

Oh, and you’ll run the risk of ending up believing anything and everything you read, too.

One place where you can visit for  a quick sense check of what’s in your timeline is the admirable

Here they dispel the rumours and debunk the myths that seem to surface so quickly these days.

Within minutes it seems a joke can be taken out of context and reported as gospel on the six o’clock news. Here you can filter the facts from the fiction.

Book mark this one – you won’t regret it.

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